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Answers to Multiple Choice Questions on the CNA Practice Test

examThe process of becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be different according to your state, but normally begins with taking the appropriate test. After or during your classes you may be required for up to six months of onsite training.

Also, once you’ve completed all course training you’ll be required to take a State administered test in order to become certified. The best way to prepare for the test is to take a practice test.

5 Real CNA Questions and Answers

There are many sample questions for CNA exams that help candidates to practice. Before you attempt your competency exams, it is very important that you prepare both the theoretical and the practical aspect of your course. It will make you confident and be able to solve the papers in the given time.

CNA Sample Questions

1. A CNA observes that a patient is choking. Which method is used to save the patient?

a. Use the gait belt from behind the patient and help prevent choking

b. Use a  Heimlich maneuver to help the patient

c. Call the other nurse aides for help

d. Call the head nurse to help (more…)

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The five basic skills for Digital Learning

The five basic skills for Digital Learning In the digital world we are now living, the importance of internet and computers transcend even to the system of our education. “Digital Learning” is now the newest platform for our educational system which uses digital as a means. And since students are the direct recipients of this new system, it is significant to note the important tech skills they should develop.

INTERNET SEARCH│ Students must be able to do proper research using keywords, terms, and modifiers. They should also learn which browsers to use and what search engines should they start looking for. This skill is mostly needed in school, work, and life in general.

OFFICE SUITE SKILLS│ Students must learn how to create, edit, and modify word documents, visual presentations, and spreadsheets. For the most part, offices and schools are using MS Office. Others use Open Office, iWorks, and Google Docs which work similarly.

TECH SELF-LEARNING One huge skill students should know about is where to search for help in the occurrence of problems and other concerns on software and hardware. This is different from internet search since the tech learning refers to the technology manual you must get hold of to learn how to use digital devices and other computer programs.

TYPING│ For everybody’s knowledge, there is a right way of typing so you can write quickly and easily. The fingers are made for specific letters and symbols. Students should also learn the shortcuts to symbols.

SOCIAL MEDIA│ Almost all people have a networking account they control. And since these sites are public sites, one must learn how to properly use these social media for school and work. It is also important to learn how to protect yourself and your individual information. The issue of cyberbullying has gotten its toll on these sites. That too—should warn us in controlling what we share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

These are just the basic skills you must learn to efficiently master CNA questions and answers on the CNA exam. Find more at CNA Test Coach.

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Get the Most out of Your Workout with XT Genix

Garcinia Cambogia Extract - China Garcinia CambogiaYour workout needs to progress and you need to keep seeing results but often times we hit plateau’s and it can be difficult to work through that’s why it might be a good idea to start adding a supplement such as xt genix to your workout program. All natural xt genix will give you a boost in energy and stamina and you get all this because it naturally boosts your testosterone levels which will help greatly in your work out regimen. As we get older our testosterone levels decrease making it harder for us to keep up the workouts like we used to when we were younger.

Using a supplement such as xt genix is a safe and effective way to start seeing the results you want and faster.

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The Camera Was Worth a Lot

purecleanse pure cleanse pill mizulean colon cleanse samsung galaxy s3 ...One of my best friends sent me a camera in the mail for Christmas and it was a very expensive one. He likes to get broken cameras and fix them and then either sell them to make a profit or give them to friends as they want them for gifts. I wanted a nice camera because I wanted to start a relaxing hobby where I could express myself. I found that pure life cleanse was also a good thing that I wanted as a gift and he decided to send me those products for the new year as I wanted to lose some weight.

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Online Advertising

Magnifying Glass - Internet MarketingMarketing is an integral part when it comes to business set up. It is necessary for any business firm to reach out to the masses and assist people to know about it. Nowadays internet has emerged as a prompt link of endorsing firms, campaign or commodity. It is preferred by many every industry for its promotion, reputation, publicity and longevity. The marketers that are involved in this kind of business are always looking for unique promotional alternatives for any particular industry. The most preferred marketing suits currently include advertising and website positioning .The internet has undergone tremendous changes the way we expected and how we act. Customers are employing social networking to find products that they need. You need technical internet marketing techniques in order to completely transform your clients.

In most cases internet marketing agency warranty an on-going services plus reporting that is focused on quantifiable final outcome. The internet marketing agency keeps track of your success at each stage. The internet has exactly changed what it means for to achieve your objectives in the market industry. Carrying out online advertisement of your products can assure that you flourish in this exhilarating new trend. Definition of internet marketing can often refer to arrange of points. It compromises of owning an internet site or maybe setting a banner on various websites. A good example of internet marketing agency is the one dealing with hotel marketing.

Online hotel marketing agency is concerned with regular marketing of hotels worldwide. Marketers confine the email addresses from different sites. Then they send emails about the hotel and along with its link. This in turn enables people to visit the hotel’s website occasionally. You will also know the best deals and various facilities offered by the hotel. This approach is beneficial for hotel owners. Every new venture by hotels is timely updated on their websites. The hotel owners do not have to wait for other publicity channels thus, allowing the competitors to grow. Hotel internet marketing provides a clear picture of the popularity of the site among public. The more the number of click-able links on the website, the more the acceptance of the site among the public.

Internet marketing agency can use video link to conduct their business. Many people are increasingly developing a positive attitude towards use of video links. This is because videos are more emotional and interactive than just plain text. With You tube, you can easily create content and upload it. Therefore, it will now be easier to use online marketing. You can personalize the appeal in order to target to target audiences. It is the most preferred method since you will be assured that you will get customers. Coupled with search engine tools, it provides a good chance of maximizing your marketing goals.

Another method that has been widely used is blogging. You can start a blog for free and this has made many people to develop blogs. With blogging you are able to give views which can reach many clients easily. Similarly, blogging has got room for reactions and comments from readers.

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Technology and You

technologyStop and imagine what life would be like today without technology. Everything we do, all that we see, and many of the things we do today are contingent on technology in one form or another. Our society has never been more efficient than it is at this very moment, and the advances made on a daily basis can be flabbergasting. There is some sort of gizmo for just about everything that comes along, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Remember those 5,000 pound console televisions your grandparents had? They are all but extinct. You can still find fossilized relics in dusty thrift stores and antique shops, but not many people are on the market for one. In fact, the archaic cathode ray “boob tube” is not even equipped to handle the demands of modern cable and satellite boxes. The Ancient Ones have been replaced by flat panel, lightweight, high-definition plasma screen or LCD models that far outperform the endangered units.

There was nothing quite as rewarding as slamming down the receiver of a rotary dial telephone. Now we have cordless digital phones and cell phones. The newest craze is the smartphone, which is basically a small computer in the palm of your hand. Phone companies that used to provide landline service to residential and commercial accounts are now transitioning toward wireless programs. In fact, it is estimated that half of us don’t even use a home phone anymore.

The cars we drive today are rolling computers. Vehicles of yore used a single electrical wire to provide electricity to the ignition coil, but now the modern car has hundreds or thousands of feet of wiring. On some top of the line models, there may be numerous computers on board to control everything from the fuel delivery down to the interior lighting and door locks. There are computers for navigation that link to GPS satellites to help you find where you need to go in many makes and models. You’ve locked your keys in your car? No problem. Use your smartphone to unlock it online.

Advances in technology have increased the life expectancy of everyone on the planet. The X-ray changed medicine forever. Chemistry and the inclusion of processing software has made it possible to obtain a pill or remedy for almost every malady that isn’t viral in nature. The average person may expect to live about ten to fifteen years longer today than they might’ve a hundred years ago due to medical technology. Diagnostic medicine in particular relies heavily on high tech devices for imaging our bodies to find problems.

The introduction of the microprocessor is the basis of all of our new technology. Manufacturers are now developing nanoprocessors that will do away with the relatively bulky ones we use today. This may seem silly when you consider that you can have 500 gigabytes of storage on a processor that is no bigger than a matchbox. In the very near future, we will likely be able to store every piece of literature on the planet in a processor that will fit on the head of a pin.


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Internet in the Real World

internetThe internet has forever changed the way we live our lives, the way we perceive things around us, and the recreation that we enjoy. Many of us can’t envision what our lives would be like without the ‘net, and the newest generation of people will never know what life was like before it. There are those, too, who suffer from terminal techno-ignorance who will never embrace what the internet has brought to the world arena. There is no arguing that the age of information is moving us forward, but toward what?

The internet has become a convenience that many of us take for granted. We have access to near-instant electronic mail, instant messaging, and instant purchasing. We can sign documents from thousands of miles away and do our banking without setting foot inside an institution. With busy schedules today, watching a favorite TV show you missed is a cinch with the internet. Online dating has become a huge boom, and our ability to book restaurants, hotels, and travel destinations with the click of a mouse has made social functions easy, and above all, fast.

For many people, access to the internet is a must. Social networking has become all the rage, and it isn’t uncommon for the average person to spend several hours per day on one of the many proliferate sites on the web. Instant messaging has replaced phone calls for some people, and in fact, many people choose to access their favorite social network with their cell phones. Try taking away Facebook from someone for a day and you might be surprised to observe withdrawal symptoms!

For anyone who needs to do research, the internet is a veritable gold mine of information. Sites like Google have made instant knowledge a valuable and necessary commodity. It is possible to type in the most ridiculous or obscure topic and find hundreds of sites that host the info. You no longer need to hunt through your local library, bookstore, or bookshelf for that killer recipe you need; you just click on the link and have it within a nanosecond.

With the aid of the internet, you can now enjoy a new breed of security. It is possible to unlock and start your car with online software. You can program your home security systems with the internet, and even turn on lights, music, and cooking appliances online. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, and you no longer store the feed footage on bulky tapes with the intervention of data storage.

Though the newest humans to arrive in this world will never know life without the web, those of us who grew up before the invention of the PC may never fully embrace the new wave of information. However, there is no denying that the internet has made life for most of us a lot easier whether we know it or not. There is no doubt that the internet will continue to evolve as we do, and it will carry us into the future, perhaps more quickly than some of us would like.

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How to Pursue Your Dream Career in Today’s Economy

economyMany people dream of leaving their current employer to begin their dream career. This is always an intimidating enough prospect of course. People put off the decision to do so during the best of times. But with the economy where it’s at today, most people wouldn’t dare dream of even trying. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways to both mitigate the risks and increase your chances of getting the career you will love.

Don’t Burn Bridges

The first piece of advice is obvious enough. Until you have your dream job, don’t leave or jeopardize the employment you already have. For one thing, it’s a steady paycheck anyone could use in today’s economy. For another, your ideal employer will look at your career history and it looks better to be currently employed. If anything, now would be a great time to add skills and accomplishments to that resume.

There’s No Time to Waste

Don’t waste time waiting for your dream job to arrive. If you’re checking classifieds daily or the job board of your ideal employer, you’re waiting in line with possibly hundreds of other hopefuls. Stand out from the crowd by contacting the company to ask about employment opportunities. The job you want might not be currently available, but is there another position that would get you one step closer? Are there services you could provide in the meantime to help prove your worth?

Along these same lines, if the company tells you they have no openings or work to be done, your journey is far from over. Review your resume and look for any holes in your job history or skills that might keep you from nailing that interview. What better time than now to start filling in those gaps? This can mean taking classes, working in a freelance capacity for other companies or simply educating yourself in necessary areas. Do everything you can now to make the job that much easier to get later.

Network. Network. Network.

Another way to make sure you’re not wasting valuable time is to constantly network. In today’s day and age, building a reliable network is easier than ever. But even with the many social networks available and technology that keep them at our fingertips, most people seem content to keep their sphere of influence to friends, family and coworkers.

Your networking skills could easily be the difference maker in getting the career you desire. The next person you speak to could know of the perfect job opportunity; they might be the person who introduces you to that life-changing contact. Best of all, building your network is essentially free. It takes little more than introducing yourself to others, staying in contact with them and returning any favors.

Just because this economy is a nightmare doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dream career. It will certainly take work, but far less than many people think. Make acting on the above advice your advantage over the competition. One way or another, tomorrow will arrive. Take steps today to make tomorrow that much closer to a career you love.

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A Look At The State Of Education

educationWhen they were first conceived and brought to light in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the first public schools represented a then-revolutionary idea—namely, education for the masses, paid for by the state.  For all that’s said about and against the state of public schools in the United States today, it’s worth remembering what they initially stood for, and to honor them on that basis.

It’s in accordance with that honor, then, and respect towards what the idea behind and intent of public schools once stood for that it’s vital to recognize that the public school system, as we have come to know them for hundreds of years, is now past its prime and in need of a serious overhaul if your children and our future are to be made compatible with and competitive in the marketplace of the future.

While the idea of structured, standardized, taxpayer-funded education allowed for the education of hundreds of millions of children, today, an emphasis on overall curriculum structure over individual attention has led to a disconnect between what is taught and what children actually learn or, indeed, might want to learn.  Standardization, while not entirely without merit and seemingly a natural outgrowth to the rather quasi-factory setting of the classroom, has become confused for an end rather than what it is, or should be—a means to an end, namely, the improvement of overall student performance.

But therein lies the problem—student progress and especially student understanding is not necessarily quantifiable.  Given the 18th and 19th century roots of the modern public school system, as well as a modern fixation on statistics, it’s by no means surprising that we should make the attempts to universalize understanding and try and quantify educational value and effectiveness.  Even so, however, education simply doesn’t work that way, as there are few if any “universals” when it comes to education.  All children are different, respond to challenges and different curriculum differently, and learn at different rates, in different ways, and strive towards different ends.

Try as we might, we can’t squeeze the totality of our students (let alone the sum total of what they’ll want and need to learn in order to function as adults in the new marketplace) into the ever-confining space of a few multiple choice Scantrons.  Life is not a “Fill in A, B, C or D” fiasco, and it’s just as well—

There’s a multitude of beauty and terror alike in the world today and universe at large.  Neither the creativity needed to recognize, interact with and harness that beauty, nor the logic, reason, and critical thinking skills necessary to deal with those elements of terror in our lives are taught in a Scantron-geared, standardized class.

There must be some standardization, of course—it’d be absurd for 5th graders in Maine to be learning about plate tectonics while Mississippians are taught something else under the guise of science.

For all of that, less standardized testing and more individual attention is necessary today.

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